Templates for Personal Trainers Scheduling & Billing

In most companies and training workshops, personal trainers are hired and acquired to physically, psychologically, mentally and technically train employees and even managers. There is readily structured Excel scheduling and billing templates available for this purpose as there is no time need to manage the data of daily schedule and monthly or contract wise billing with a client.

Personal Trainers Scheduling Template:

These personal trainers are bound to provide services according to the designed schedule and they are issue their monthly billing invoices. Using these templates it all becomes easier for them to simply insert relevant figures in their respective places in a ready draft.


Use of smartly designed personal trainers billing methodologies is equally useful for both trainer and trainee as both can keep a track of performance, learning and growth, capacity and endurance of each and payment transactions for both ends as well.

Salience of personal trainers scheduling;

  • Keeps you and your trainer punctual and regular
  • Bundles up your task and activities in a short slot
  • Helps you avoiding the confusion or emergence of activities

Either a trainee can manage his entire interlink deal with a personal trainer or vice versa. Yet the use of templates is still prominent as there is no need to maintain lengthy paper record. All can be done using automated Excel spreadsheets.

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