How To Insert Gif Images Using Outlook 2010 Emails

The topic is about Insert Gif Images Using Outlook 2010 as we all know email is a quick source to send your message anywhere all around the globe. Without any hurdle or barrier of border, limitations of communication or any other reservation, you can send anything to anyone having your relevant email address.

This medium is particularly used for commercial and professional purposes where hundreds or thousands of emails are sent daily to responsive ends. These emails sometimes have attachments like image files, spreadsheets, and doc.x files, audio or video files of any format or any other thing which one wants to deliver at the other end.

Especially taking down the case to email marketers, they always want to put something distinguishing in their content to set it apart from the rest of mail list so that client or targeted audience must consider to take a review over the offers. Out of so many formats for these attachments, GIF is one commonly deployed format since many past years. Due to its support for extended browsers and email clients, this format is commonly appreciated for adding graphical content into emails and web content.


Introduction to GIF and How It Works?

In the early days of Internet, there was no such medium that could carry moving content. Based on the ideology of such attractive portion that defies the existence of parallel material, GIF, a supplementary format of web or email content was developed by some experts. It produces a series of identical images with a varying dimension in a series that looks like something is moving or seems like a video.


As far as the matter of its working, it mostly animates the content any draws it into multiple sequential layers. Either still image or animated, it arranges these layers into precise order that shows the movement of material hence showing something catchy on the web page. Since its initial development, a lot of things have been changed but the basic idea behind its implementation is same. Even a lot of discussion has been made on how to pronounce this acronym. However it actually stands for graphics interchange format.

How to Insert GIFs to Email Outlook 2010?

Since GIFs are just like other images so the method of inserting it into the email or web client is just same as that of other image files, However the compilation begins with the newer version of Outlook 2007 and onwards. They don’t show animated GIFs infect slit them into a single image and show the first image of series. The reason behind this stock reservation is that the new email editor in Outlook 2007+ is MS Word which actually doesn’t support GIFs.

The only way you can take on these animated images in real form is by using any prior version of Outlook and the client receiving this email can open the email in separate tab and then he needs to open the image attachments into web browser which will let him see the content attached. Although a bit pains but unfortunately this how you can adjust your working using any latest version.

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