How to Increase Email Marketing ROI

As with the progressing days, email marketing ROI is emerging as one of the best and most meaningful source of spreading word about your products or services and marketing your business identity. ROI that actually stands for return on investment is the immanent prospect which is basically a profitability ratio as compared to your investment money.

It has several ways of calculation however the most common and easiest way is to divide your net profit by your total capital investment for any campaign.

Benefit Of Increasing Email Marketing ROI:

In daily marketing, there are hundreds of thousands emails are sent for marketing and it increases the chances that of sale and comprehensive determination from customers out of the random audience. Therefore you can easily estimate your ROI by email marketing using different calculating techniques and especially designed customized ROI calculators available online. In order to perform this action, you must read about this ratio and its aspects carefully and you should collect relevant date before finally estimating this figure.


Email Marketing Efficiency

As compared to many other sources and techniques of marketing, the most commonly deployed strategy that is email marketing ROI is much more effective and efficient. On daily basis, people visit their inbox and check out such random emails containing particular kinds of offers either relevant or sometimes irrelevant. Yet the most empowered aspect to look is that everyone pays attention to newly arriving email and by choosing a catchy title or subject, you can extend the attention of user.

By choosing active and regularly under use email addresses which are collected from various data banks and service providing companies, this marketing can be further enhanced into extremely efficient source of spreading word about your identity and boasting sales.

ROI Calculators

There are customizing ROI calculators especially designed to cover this aspect of working. These calculators are meant to deliver an estimated output of campaign affectivity by calculating the ratio of net profit over total capital invested. There are both online web based and desktop versions of these calculators.


By imparting the number of mails sent during particular tenure and using some estimated percentages, it becomes easier to draw a demonstrated value for this ratio. Here are a couple of other factors that are included in this calculation series;

  • Add the type of tenure either annual, bi annual or quarter
  • Mention the type of currency you are using
  • And select the total volume of emails sent during the selected tenure
  • Using web analytics, find out the percentage of emails opened by users
  • Also get the percentage of clicks and returns from particularly opened emails
  • Using sales target achieved through emails, calculate your net profit
  • Then divide your total net profit by the total investment served for particular campaign

This is the easiest and simplest method that let you count an almost precise ROI which you can use for further estimated planning and enhancement of lacking factors in your strategy.

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