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In companies, employee salary slip is usually generated after the transfer of salary in account or cash on hand payments. This slip contains the details of payment like amount, mode of payment, date of transaction and signature of receiver. Excel slip templates reduce the task of extensive documentation by providing a ready draft in which you need to insert particular information your document is ready.

These slips are issued to employees as a formal proof of salary transaction and a carbon copy of slip is attached to relevant business record.

At such places where hundreds or thousands of employees are working and finance department has to produce thousands of slips each month, pay slip templates are really effective as you don’t have to write each individual slip by hand. Just by entering the names and unique employee number, you can create multiple slips at a time. Also by using automated functions of MS Excel, you can further shorten this task. With totally automated documentation structure, probability of errors and mistakes also reduces.

Salary Slip Template Example 1:


Format of Employee Salary Slip:

As far as an effective format of employee pay slip is concerned, it depends on the business to decide what the important elements of consideration while recording information are. Usually the purpose is always same that is to keep a record of transaction details in business records and provide a formal proof to employee but the central content may vary a little. Still there are a few elementary factors which must be included in this draft for standard outlook. Take a look on the format instructions listed below here;

Write the name of the company on the main title position

Write the name of employee, his designation and registration number in business accounts

Write the details of monthly pay and its component information

Also write any imposed fine and deductions due to any reason

If employee has achieved any monthly or annual bonus, do write as well

Sum up all the figures and write total salary, mode of payment, currency type and date of transaction as well

Last comes the portion of signature in which payment issuer and receiver has to sign to ensure the successful transaction

These are few elementary steps that you need to keep in mind while writing a detailed and standard pay slip.

Salary Slip Template Example 2:

Excel Slip Templates

Use of modern means and assistive software tools has turned human work simpler and less hectic. So is the case of under consideration scenario in which Excel slip templates help a person generating pay slips. Rather than writing each single slip with your hand, you can simple enter the details of individual employee and generate his relevant slip. You just need to create a templates once using Excel spreadsheet and then save this draft.

Anytime you need to generate a slip, simply enter information of the employee and his salary transaction and get done with task. Using templates, avoid mistakes, errors and consumption of time.

Get Best Employee Pay Slip Template Formats

In order to know various formats and layouts of employee pay slip templates, you can check out hundreds of free sample templates available online or else you can get best free or paid templates by acquiring the services of professional and skilled template designers.

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